Abandonment & It’s Impact On Attachment
Continuing Education Training

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn one major reason why 60% of marriages end in divorce.
  2. Discuss treatment options useful in addressing this core issue.
  3. Learn how this issue plays out in the therapeutic relationship - transference and counter-transference.
  4. Learn about abandonment and it’s interplay with shame and control.

Abandonment is a core issue that often is overlooked in therapy. It is an experience that has physical, emotional, and behavioral repercussions that impact an individual in all aspects of their life – work, relationships, self-esteem. Depending on the individual there are various ways to address this issue in therapy including EMDR, CBT, and EFT. Also to be discussed are abandonment counterparts – shame and control. Discussion includes how a therapist’s own abandonment issues can sabotage therapeutic effectiveness and the therapeutic process in general.

CEUS Awarded: 3 Hours

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