Allies for First Responders

Specialized Services and Programs

Mary Baca, Owner of Odyssey Counseling started a non-profit Behind The Badge NM in 2015. After treating countless numbers of first responders over the past 25+ years, having been married to a police officer, and realizing their need for counseling and help from peers who understand what a first responder experiences, Mary continued to develop specialized services and programs for first responders and their families.

In 2017, Mary out of her passion and dedication to help first responders and their families started yet another business Allies For First Responders. Allies has a Peer Support network made up of current and retired first responders. Their main objective is to help those who are dealing with psychological trauma as a result of their work. Our network has vast experience working in fire, law enforcement, and EMS. Most of them have personal experience with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), acute stress, depression, or other mental health issues. These peer supporters know how to cope with these conditions and how to take steps to move forward.

As part of Mary’s evolution in 2016 she was on a mission to create a community of qualified mental health professionals who could effectively provide services to first responders and their families. She was the first in New Mexico to develop first responder focused trainings for mental health professionals. Mary developed a Certification “First Responder Intervention Specialist” and numerous first responder focused trainings incorporating Mary’s training team of local and national first responders. She continues to conduct these trainings up to present day.