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Odyssey Counseling provides comprehensive mental health and wellness services for individuals, families, and couples. Our Team are skilled, licensed mental health professionals who can address a variety of issues including PTSD, anxiety, depression, grief, pregnancy and infant loss, to only name a few. We specialize in helping first responders, emergency medical services (EMS) staff, firefighters, and police officers deal with stressful traumatic experiences that may accompany their professions. We believe mental health is as important as physical health, and can require a similar amount of time and effort. Wellness is a journey, and therapy can be an important part of attaining and maintaining mental wellness.

We Are Here For You

  • 1. Help for First Responders Our Team of professional counselors treat First responders in areas of Law Enforcement, Fire, Military, EMT, 911 Operation, and Dispatch. Call us today to start your path towards mental wellness.
  • 2. Training for Mental Health Professionals We provide a variety of trainings for mental health professionals including counselors, Social Workers, Peer Support Teams, and Holistic Practitioners.

You Are Not Alone

Call us today to set up an appointment. Our counselors can help you get your life back on track. Whether you are going through the grief that accompanies loss, dealing with a traumatic experience, or need help with anxiety, depression, or self-esteem, our team can provide the right help to put you back in the right place. If you are preparing for surgery, we also provide pre-surgical preparation and post-operative recovery support.

What Can We Help You With?

Beyond The Call

This program is focused on raising money to help first responders and their families receive counseling and ancillary services

Resilience Integrative

This program provides quality holistic health care through customized services, designed to provide you with a variety of options.


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Stress and Anxiety

Are you dealing with huge stress, anxiety, or suffer from post traumatic stress? Maybe you are going into or just out of a surgery?

First Responders

Our training helps other professionals provide services to those whose jobs are front line emergency response professionals.

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