Therapeutic Resistance
Continuing Education Training

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn what causes resistance
  2. Identify ways to help overcome resistance in therapy
  3. Discuss therapist pitfalls to helping a client overcome resistance
  4. Explore individual triggers that amplify a client’s resistance

Resistance is as common to therapy, as relapse is to addiction. Therapeutic effectiveness can be heightened when a therapist is able to identify and address various forms of resistance before and during the therapeutic process. Therapists oftentimes overlook their own issues. When a therapist is able to identify and address their own resistance to therapy, certain clients, and their own issues, this creates a powerful dynamic between client and therapist that will accentuate the healing process for all involved. This workshop covers all of the above while reviewing case studies and assisting therapists with identifying their own personal resistance.

CEUS Awarded: 2 Hours

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