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For a list of current courses

Most of our courses and training programs are versatile and can be taught in a variety of settings to different populations. These courses can be offered for continuing education credit through the NM Counseling and Therapy Practice Board, Social Work Board, etc., or as “stand alone” training.

First Responder Intervention Specialist Level I

This is a 3 day course if attending in person or via Live Streaming

  • Female First Responders – Shedding The Light on This Subculture (3 Hrs.)
  • Why First Responders Hesitate to Seek Help (3 Hrs.)
  • Doing Therapy With First Responders (3 Hrs.)
  • Suicide Prevention and Intervention With First Responders (3 Hrs.)
  • Trauma Ridden & Trauma Resistant (3 Hrs.)

Other Continuing Education Classes

  • Practicing Self-Care For The Helping Professional (3 Hours)
  • Relationship Trauma (3 hrs.)
  • Addiction and its Impact on Relationships and Work (3 Hrs.)
  • Through Retirement (3 Hrs.)
  • Dealing Effectively With Anxiety and Depression (3 Hrs.)
  • Effective Communication For The Helping Professional (2 Hrs.)
  • Facilitating Discharge From Counseling (2 Hrs.)
  • Therapeutic Resistance (2 Hrs.)
  • Assessing and Treating Trauma (2 Hrs.)


Holistic Counselor

  • The Power of the Words (3 Hrs)
  • Energy Psychology (3 Hrs)
  • Moving Past Psychological Reversals To Accentuate Healing (2 Hrs)
  • Using Intuition in Therapy (3 Hrs) Preview
  • Improve Your Emotions by Changing Your Vibrations (3 Hrs)


Workplace Trainings

  • Stress Management in the Work Place (3 Hrs.)
  • Strategic Goal Setting (3 Hrs.)
  • Cultural Diversity and Values (2 Hrs.)
  • Effective Time Management (1.5 Hrs.)
  • Conflict Ready, Conflict Competent (3 Hrs.)
  • Creating Wellness In The Workplace (3 Hrs.)
  • Promoting Resilience In The Workplace (3 Hrs.)

Energy Psychology Classes