On Top Of The World

December 23, 2022

Sometimes you can find yourself feeling like you're on top of the world. Other times you can feel like you're under it. Either way, remember both experiences are valuable. ALL experiences truly are a gift and an opportunity to grow. We can't have light if we have no darkness. We have duality and it's absolutely beautiful. Remember perspective is everything. People you encounter might be in a reactive mode. So be careful not to place your focus externally but rather internally where you can harness your power. Do not let what's outside sway you or effect you negatively. Yes, you really do have that control. You are the Master of your own destiny, the driver of your own vehicle. Stay in your lane and you'll get to where you want to get to which is the best version of YOU. Be good to yourself and each other.

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~ Mary Baca, Owner of Odyssey Counseling

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