Erika Cavalier, Psychiatric Technician

Clinical Staff

Rise Up IOP Program

Erika Cavalier, Psychiatric Technician picture My name is Erika Cavalier and I was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After graduating from Albuquerque High School, I attended the University of New Mexico in pursuit of a biology degree. Shortly into my academic studies at the university, I was presented with the opportunity to work at the Office of the Medical Investigator as a Student Morphology (Autopsy) Technician assisting with autopsies. Entertaining the idea of becoming a forensic pathologist, I embraced every opportunity to learn the operations of a medical examiner’s office. From autopsy evisceration to evidence collection and packaging, to intermittently assisting on death investigation scenes and learning histology and forensic toxicology, I eventually became a staff Senior Morphology Technician. I currently supervise OMI’s Specimen Receiving department, managing and coordinating all laboratory requests necessary for medicolegal death investigation, including toxicology, microbiology, virology, chemistry, serology, cytogenetics, and genetic testing. With a career spanning over 20 years at the OMI, and an extensive knowledge base and concentration in laboratory operation and specimen management, I am excited to join the Odyssey team as a Psychiatric Technician for the “Rise Up” Substance Abuse/Trauma Intensive Outpatient Program for Women. As a woman and a mother, I understand the importance of supporting, uplifting, and empowering all women as they work toward achieving their best life. I thank you for the opportunity to serve and support you along the way.