Wanda Radke

Quality Assurance Manager

Wanda has been working with Odyssey Counseling and its sister companies Allies For First Responders, Resilience Integrative Services, and Shifting Perspectives Specialized Training Institute since 2018. Wanda currently is working to create a Quality Assurance program for all our companies to insure we are functioning at an optimal level. She is part of our administrative team of professionals who are the foundation of our organization(s).

Prior to working for Odyssey Counseling, she worked as a manager who provided Administrative Support, Management Training and Quality Project Training. She held various Management positions for over 30 years and managed over 30 employees most of her career. Her management history includes responsibilities for training, ensuring employee growth, employee reviews, meetings and budgeting. Wanda communicated with all levels of management and participated on team projects.

During a career change Wanda became a Certified ISO-9001 Lead Auditor for over 10 years. The ISO Standard deals with establishing and maintaining an effective quality management system. Her responsibility was to ensure all levels within an organization were in compliance to the requirements of the standard through the audit process. When there was a finding, she would provide the necessary support to get it corrected and provide a follow up audit at a later date to ensure compliance.