Freeing Yourself From Being An Emotional Hostage Through Forgiveness

September 13, 2022

People tend to see forgiveness as something they're doing for other people when really it in fact is what will set YOU free. They see it as the "F" word with a negative connotation vs seeing it as true Freedom from what's holding you emotionally hostage. To counter your resistance to forgiveness, make a list of those people and things you need to release. Therein you will find who and what you need to forgive including yourself. Now I'm not saying it's going to be an easy process and its definitely not a "one n done". Forgiveness needs to be done more in layers like an onion. You might think you're completely done with forgiving a particular person only to discover later that there are more layers. Having assistance from a Life Coach or Counselor can REALLY help! At Odyssey Counseling we have both! It's nice to have someone lead and guide you through your process, at YOUR pace, but steady enough for you to feel like you're making progress. After all it's hard sometimes to find our way through the dark by our self. In the meantime be good to yourself and each other.

~ Mary Baca, Owner of Odyssey Counseling

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