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On Top Of The World

December 23, 2022 Sometimes you can find yourself feeling like you're on top of the world. Other times you can feel like you're under it. Either way, remember both experiences are valuable. ALL experiences truly are a gift and an opportunity to grow. We can't have light if we have no darkness. We have duality…
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In-Spirit (Inspiration)

December 20, 2022 I ran across a powerful meme today that said "Pay attention to whatever inspires you, because it is Spirit trying to communicate with you... In-Spirit". This meme itself inspired me to write this today. So many people pull the negative from social media. I chose to pull the positive. There are so…
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Walking Through Life With Grace

September 26, 2022 What does it mean to walk through life with grace? It means being gentle with yourself and others. Having unrealistic expectations of ourselves or others only helps us to be resentful and disappointed later. Walking through life with Grace means we realize we all are doing the best that we can at…
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Freeing Yourself From Being An Emotional Hostage Through Forgiveness

September 13, 2022 People tend to see forgiveness as something they're doing for other people when really it in fact is what will set YOU free. They see it as the "F" word with a negative connotation vs seeing it as true Freedom from what's holding you emotionally hostage. To counter your resistance to forgiveness,…
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