Odyssey Counseling Testimonials

Resiliency in the Workplace

• Excellent training.
• Very informative, knowledgeable.
• Thank you for this visual.
• Thank you!
• Excellent and worthwhile. This was exactly the training I needed for my upcoming project in the workplace environment. Also, well-paced and ended on time. Thank you.
• Good presentation and important topic, very applicable to all workers.

Energy Psychology Class

• Nice intro in an area often ignored. Much appreciated topic which has been (and is) near and dear to my heart and psyche. Looking forward to more exposure and knowledge and sharing.
• Very interesting and helpful. Group warmed up to subject matter as the time passed.
• Helpful-Energizing. Looking forward to more.
• Time went so fast! Was surprised when time was up- Looking forward to more sessions with Odyssey and Mary and her associates.
• Thank you for your time-effort and energy.
• Very inspiring!
• It was over too soon. Really enjoyed this class.
• Great workshop. I’ll be back.
• This was great! Much useful information!
• Thank you! Very Interesting! I hope it can help me both in work and personal life.
• Fantastic- Look forward to applying more in clinical practice.
• Thank you- very interesting and informative.

Class on Dealing With Shame

• Thank you for offering a conference on Shame- great conference!
• I enjoyed learning about identifying Shame.
• Thank you for this foundation on Shame.
• Excellent information and will be able to use this information with clients. Excellent presentation.
• Thank you! Mary, you are an asset to our community! Thank you for sharing your wisdom, experience, and knowledge with me today. I love this topic and would welcome further course work on the topic.

Various Students,

First Responder Intervention Specialist Level 1 Class

• Fabulous! I’m very interested in learning more about Kinesiology.
• Loved this training. Very informative. Thank you.
• Awesome training.
• So glad to have attended! It seems I have gotten on a path I am likely to be during my career. I really appreciated the frequent openings you provided for us to share. I have learned so much from this group.
• This was fabulous training. I will certainly be attending other training as I can.
• Great subject matter and learned a lot!
• You have been a tremendous model during this training. Thank you so much for the education and the sharing of yourself. I do appreciate it all.
• Interesting and informative. Applicable. Mix of teaching and speakers was great. Thank you.
• Significant insight was gained from these trainings. These trainings demonstrated the need for this work. Great training!!
• It was wonderful! Thank you so much for offering this training.
• Excellent overall!

Various Students,