Odyssey Counseling Testimonials

First Responder Intervention Specialist Level 1 Class

• Fabulous! I’m very interested in learning more about Kinesiology.
• Loved this training. Very informative. Thank you.
• Awesome training.
• So glad to have attended! It seems I have gotten on a path I am likely to be during my career. I really appreciated the frequent openings you provided for us to share. I have learned so much from this group.
• This was fabulous training. I will certainly be attending other training as I can.
• Great subject matter and learned a lot!
• You have been a tremendous model during this training. Thank you so much for the education and the sharing of yourself. I do appreciate it all.
• Interesting and informative. Applicable. Mix of teaching and speakers was great. Thank you.
• Significant insight was gained from these trainings. These trainings demonstrated the need for this work. Great training!!
• It was wonderful! Thank you so much for offering this training.
• Excellent overall!

Various Students,