Walking Through Life With Grace

September 26, 2022

What does it mean to walk through life with grace? It means being gentle with yourself and others. Having unrealistic expectations of ourselves or others only helps us to be resentful and disappointed later. Walking through life with Grace means we realize we all are doing the best that we can at any given time regardless of the outcome. Walking through life with Grace means we will try to be mindful of our internal and external dialogue. Remember negative talk whether internal or external is disabling. You don't have control over what others say to you but you don't have to stay listening either. Walking through life with Grace includes creating internal dialogue so that it's positive, hopeful, and uplifting. Walking through life with Grace means we'll think before we speak so as not to carelessly hurt other people's feelings. Our mind and how we think is truly the most powerful place we come from because we can shape, mold, and change our thoughts. Today pay attention to your inside voice and let it be one of self-respect and self-confidence! Have forgiveness for yourself and others. Be mindful of the expectations you have of yourself and others, making sure those expectations are healthy and realistic. Allow yourself to make mistakes realizing the next moment, hour, day can be a do-over even if others don't allow you a do-over. You have no control over how others will respond to you. Walk through life with Grace giving yourself permission to maybe not get it "right" the first time. Have a blessed day. Be good to yourself and each other.

~ Mary Baca, Owner of Odyssey Counseling

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